Bild: Elisabeth Pollak

The Vienna Ecosocial Forum is a non-governmental, non-profit association based in Vienna. We are engaged in activities that contribute to the common good. Our work is based on the ecosocial idea, which goes along with the idea of sustainable development: a balance of ecological sustainability, social solidarity and a capable, just and future oriented economy. A city worth living within a liveable world for all is the our vision.

We work as a think tank, innovator and networking organisation above party lines, aiming to initiate projects and cooperations on a local level. With what we do, we try to encourage a critical, but constructive view on society an societal developments. We do not only target the intellectual level though. For advancing towards an ecosocial society, we are adressing three main senses and „dimensions“ of the human being: the head, the hands and the heart.

The thematic focus areas of our work are 

      • Food, nutrition and urban agriculture
      • City nature
      • Agenda 2030 and the SDGs

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