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In 1992, the Ecosocial Forum was founded as an independent platform for the further development and dissemination of the ecosocial idea. Today, the Ecosocial Forum is a think-tank committed to implementing the ecosocial market economy.

By creating a network of like-minded people and organizations in Austria and throughout Europe, we have succeeded in bundling our strength for the benefit of the ecosocial economic model. The Ecosocial Forum is not only engaged in ecosocial action, but also serves as a platform for scientific and political exchange. We organize conferences and workshops, gather and communicate knowledge, and raise awareness for a socially and ecologically sustainable model of society and the economy among experts from business, academia, politics and a broader public.

Ecosocial Market Economy – The Idea

The ecosocial market economy stands for social justice, protection of the environment and climate action. At the same time, it supports economic operators and creates jobs. This is what Josef Riegler had in mind when he first presented this concept in 1989. The guiding principle of the ecosocial market economy is to incorporate environmental aspects and make the market serve the cause of environmental protection. This is to be achieved through true-cost pricing, consistent implementation of the polluter-pays principle and an ecosocial tax reform.

Our Network 

We cooperate with like-minded partners in various European countries and the Austrian Federal Provinces within the framework of regional Ecosocial Fora. The Ecosocial Students Forum and the Ecosocial Pupils Forum support and disseminate the ecosocial idea among young citizens. We invite all those interested in our ideas to contribute to the realization of the ecosocial vision.


  • What will the future of Europe look like?
  • What is just?
  • How will we live and work tomorrow?
  • What will we eat tomorrow?
  • What will be the future form of mobility?
  • How will we secure our livelihoods?

Our Activities

  • Publication of fact sheets, brochures and books, our own “denk.stoff” Newsletter, articles
  • Information hub and platform for debate among representatives of politics, academia, the business community and the public at large
  • Scientifically based consultancy services for political decision-makers
  • Organization and facilitation of conferences and workshops
  • Lectures on current issues of sustainability
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