Teaser FEAST
Ecosocial Forum is part of the FEAST consortium. From July 2022, we will work for five years with 35 partners from 17 European countries as part of a HORIZON Europe project to contribute to sustainable food systems in Europe. We aim at contributing to a food system that will bring benefits to people, the planet, as well as the public and private sector. Through HORIZON-CL6-2021-FARM2FORK-01-15, we aim to help European food systems overcome the current "lose-lose-lose-win" situation where only large food corporations "win" at the cost of huge negative environmental, health and public sector impacts. FEAST aims to support a just transition to healthier and more sustainable food behaviors - at all levels (micro, meso, and macro) and across all sectors (producers, distributors, retailers, and consumers) of the food system. We invite all stakeholders to participate in this project. For more information, please visit the project website.Consortium