The winter conference of the Ecosocial Forum is an annual "must" in the Austrian agricultural calendar. Since 1954, the largest information event for agriculture and forestry has been taking place every year in January or February.

The topics discussed have always kept pace with the times and reflected major political issues. In the beginning, the main issue was increasing production levels in the post-war period in order to feed the population. In the 1990s, surplus production and accession to the European Union dominated the debates. Today, contributions deal with the effects of climate change, the environment and animal welfare. But also with the question of how European and Austrian farmers can survive in a globalized economy. Due to the covid pandemic and the supply chain problems, the question of how to supply the population in the event of a crisis has recently become an issue again.

The presentations and discussions at the winter conference will bring together politicians, scientists, officials, farmers, veterinarians, representatives of consumers, trade, pre-production and the media. Around 130 speakers from science and practice on up to 12 specialist days will deal with agricultural policy, arable farming, viticulture, poultry and pig farming, grassland and livestock management, communication, mountain farming, agricultural technology, vegetable, fruit and horticulture, education and forestry.